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Driving school for internationals and expats in Eindhoven

Driving school Simplicity in Eindhoven and surroundings

You are welcome to our driving school in Eindhoven to get your driver’s license or to refresh your driving skills. Driving school Simplicity gives high quality driving lessons in English in and around Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Waalre.

Advantages of driving school Simplicity:

✅ Patient, friendly, knowledgeable and fully approved driving instructor

✅ Driving lessons in English

✅ Personal approache

✅ Clear Terms and Conditions

✅ Choice out of single lessons or a package

✅ High passing rate

✅ Unused driving lesson money back guarantee

✅ Student progress chart

✅ Clear agreements

✅ A new, full option learner car

✅ Flexibility in scheduling the lesson

 ✅ Multiple driving lessons per week 

✅ No registration fee

With an adaptive approach and flexible teaching styles we try to ensure that you feel at ease throughout the learning process. The learning process is tailored to your learning pace, commitment and traffic insight.

The target is to get your driver’s license as quickly as possible, but also to train you to be a safe, social, responsible and environmentally aware driver. You will get the skills which you will need to pass your CBR driving test confidently.

Driving lessons are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. A learner may take several driving lessons per week. We keep up the progress with a learner’s progress chart so also the learners can see their progress.  The fully-qualified instructor will make your learning experience comfortable and free of stress.

CBR Theory Test in English

The theory part can be done by yourself, basically you don’t need help from a driving school. If you need help of course we will help you in a classical way so you will pass your CBR theory test.

Before you can take cbr practical exam, you should take the cbr theory exam. From the age of 16 it is allowed and possible to take practical lessons before you have passed your theory test. There are few ways to prepare for the theory exam. You can learn the theory by using a book, an online theory package or take the theory lessons from us. You can book a CBR theory test by yourself by using your Digid. If you want we can book a theory test for you without additional costs.

Trial lesson

Enrollment starts with an trial lesson. During the trial lesson you will meet your driving instructor and will get answers to your questions. After seeing your traffic knowledge and driving skills you will get an estimation of the lessons that you might need. You will be picked up from your home address, office or school and will be dropped off again. Please see our terms and conditions  for more information.

CBR Driving exam

Our target is to take the learners to a driving level which they can drive safe, fluent and independently with as less as possible number of the driving lessons. Driving school Simplicity books a driving test when the learner is ready for the CBR practical test and makes a good chance to pass the test. Booking a CBR driving test is depending on the driving level not on the number of the lessons. From the age of 16.5 you can start with driving lessons and from the age of 17 it is possible to take the practical exam. If you passed the practical exam during the age of 17, someone should accompany you while driving until you turn 18 ( 2todrive ).

RIS driving course

The Driving training in Steps (RIS) is a successful teaching method with a very high success rate. If you choose for this modern driving training, you will be better prepared to participate in traffic! With the driving training in Steps you learn in steps. That means you go one step further if you have mastered the previous step sufficiently. Your final step is that you can plan and drive your route safe, fluent and independently. At the last stage your driving instructor will play the role of the examinor in order to prepare you for the CBR driving test.

Refresher driving course in English

Our driving course is a great stepping stone to independent driving for internationals and expats in Eindhoven. The refresher driving course in English will improve your awareness and knowledge of hazards. The driving lessons can help you to learn how to anticipate and deal with traffic situations safely in the Netherlands. We can help you to understand the dutch traffic culture and as a results you will be able to communicate to dutch roads (the language of the road).

Driving with special needs

We believe in that everbody can drive a car. When you have special educational needs or  learning difficulties. While we stay calm and patient we try to help by using certain techniques and an adaptive approach like breaking down skills into individual steps and by using practice and repetition, until you feel comfortable and we’re certain that you’re ready.


Driving with special needs

Prices & driving lesson packages

Please feel free to contact if you have a question.

Trial lesson                                                    € 35

Starting price per lesson (50 minutes)      € 40

Single driving lesson (50 minutes)           € 42,50

Driving lesson (90 minutes)                      € 76,50

CBR Interim test                                         € 185

CBR driving test                                          € 230

5  lessons = € 212,50

10 lessons = € 425

35 lessons + CBR Driving Test = € 1665 (€ 41 per lesson)

45 lessons + CBR Driving Test = € 2030 (€ 40 per lesson)

Unused driving lesson money back guarantee

You can combine each package with an Interim test.

Pricing per 06-06-2022 and is inclusive 21% VAT

Driving school Simplicity in Eindhoven Veldhoven and Waalre
Rijschool Simpliciy in Eindhoven manual car


Please send an e-mail, sms or a Whatsapp massage as during the driving lessons we can not answer your phone call. We always call back asap if we miss your phone call.

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