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Driving school in Eindhoven

If you are looking for a reliable driving school in Eindhoven to get your driver's license then we might be the right driving school for you.

Driving school for driving lessons in English

You will be picked up from your home/work location and again dropped off at home/work location

Crash driving course in 6 weeks

Get your driver’s license within 6 weeks. Did you already pass your theory test and do you have a good traffic insight? Then a crash course is the fastest way to get your driver’s license in 6 weeks. Contact us to know more about this.

CBR Theory Test

3D Theory package

This package contains a full theory course in the English language for getting your driving licence B (car).
Duration of the course, once activated, is 4 months. During these 4 months you will have unlimited access to the theory course and the 5 CBR based exams, each containing 65 questions. The entire course has been translated in English language (typed text). The 5 exams are translated in English language (typed text).

Driving licence

Getting your driving licence and learning to drive can be an exciting and challenging experience. You are welcome to our driving school in Eindhoven for driving lessons in a manual gearbox/ automatic in English eigther to get your driving licence or to refresh your driving skills. The driving lessons are professionally structured and adaptive to your learning ability. We bring a professional and calming atmosphere to your driving lessons, so that you can learn and develop your skills as quickly as possible. Our target is to take the learners to a driving level which they can drive safe, fluent and independently. You will be picked up from your home, school or office and at the end will be dropped off.

Driving licence lessons school Eindhoven

Automatic lessons

Automatic lessons in English in Eindhoven

Automatic lessons are for individuals who find it difficult or prefer not to worry about changing gears and clutch control. This is a better option for them to pass more easily. However this has it’s limitations; if you pass your driving test with an automatic then you are not allowed to drive manual gearbox cars.

Manual lessons

Driving school in Eindhoven

Manual lessons are one of the most commen and standard options for a learner as this allows to gain confidence in driving and allowing them to be comfortable with gear change and clutch control. Driver who passes on manual transmission car is able to drive both automatic and manual cars once passed.

Refresher driving course in English

English driving lessons in Eindhoven

Driving lessons with adaptive teaching and personal guidance in English for those who need more help. We offer driving lessons in Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Best, Nuenen and Waalre.

Driving school for driving lessons in English

Boost your driving confidence. Our refresher course is a great stepping stone to independent driving for internationals and expats in Eindhoven.

Prices & packages

A standard driving lesson is one hour (60 minutes). The price of a lesson in a package starts from € 50. You can take a package or pay per single lessons, packages can be paid in instalments. Unused lessons of a package will be refunded. Please contact us if you have any question.

Package 1

✅ 10 driving lessons of 60 minutes

✅ Multiple lessons per week

€ 510

Package 2

✅ 20 driving lessons

✅ CBR Interim test

✅ CBR Practical test

✅ Payment in 2 instellments

✅ Multiple lessons per week

€ 1435

Package 3

✅ 35 driving lessons

✅ Online 3D Theory

✅ CBR Interim test

✅ CBR Practical test

✅ Payment in 3 instellments

✅ Multiple lessons per week

€ 2200

Package 4

✅ 45 driving lessons

✅ Online 3D Theory

✅ CBR Interim test

✅ CBR Practical test

✅ Payment in 4 instellments

✅ Multiple lessons per week

€ 2700

Trial lesson                            € 40

Standard driving lesson         € 52*

CBR Interim test                    € 185

CBR Driving test                   € 235

CBR Test Retake                   € 235

3D Theory course in English  € 35

** Prices include 21% VAT.